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OSWP Certified!


Hello everyone. It has been a while since i last wrote an article, i was busy at work. I took the OSWP exam. OSWP exam was super easy! I finished in like 40 minutes and then immediately wrote the report for it. There was no WPS cracking but it included all the attacks about WEP and WPA. I studied the pdf in 4 hours, more like a quick read to remember stuff since i had my experience with wireless hacking. After a few days my pass verification email arrived. Nothing more to add on this subject. I am ready to take the OSCE exam now :) Something irrelevant with the exam, i found my first 0Day in the company i work about unauthenticated database download in the web application of an embedded custom device, that my company provides to clients. :) Unfortunately, they won’t allow me to release the POC :’(

That is all folks, have fun, bye!

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